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General Manager Raj Parshotam

Raj Parshotam is the General Manager for Amway in Southern Africa and is responsible for the business operations in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Amway, one of the leading direct selling companies worldwide, has been operating in South Africa since 1997 and Raj has been with the Company since inception.

Amway has grown to be a significant player and contributor within the local Direct Selling industry.Raj is a member of the board of the Direct Selling Association of South Africa, an industry body that represents its member companies, as well as a member of The American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa (AmCham).

Fostering entrepreneurship is a keen focus for Raj, and his vision is echoed by many private sector companies in South Africa, where the aim is to promote self-employment as an attainable solution to the unemployment problem in the country. Africa has the biggest youth population globally and with the rise of innovative technology and online startups, entrepreneurs are now considered inspiring, which adds to their appeal to younger target groups. In Raj’s opinion, there are three areas that need to be built upon: entrepreneurship education, role models, and a fertile environment for start-ups.

Since completing his Diploma in Business Management through Boston College and the South African Institute of Management, Raj has been integrally involved in the business sector and started his career in the retail environment before moving to Amway. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Amway as a company and the business opportunity it presents appealed to Raj.

Raj Parshotam is married and has two children.

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